May 20, 2022

Chinese leader Xi Jinping has said that the “phase one” trade deal between his country and the U.S. will prove mutually beneficial to both parties, reports state-run media agency Xinhua.

Xi said he had spoken with President Donald Trump on Friday regarding the agreement, a conversation Trump described as a “very good talk” with the president saying he expected a deal to be formally signed soon.

However Xi also voiced “serious concerns”, saying that U.S. involvement in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet “interfered with China’s internal affairs, harmed China’s interests, and were not conducive to mutual trust and cooperation.”

The overall tone from the Chinese premier was positive though, following on from last week’s news that the two countries had reached consensus on the wording of the agreement. There are no specific details of what the agreement contains, but it is expected to include tariff relief and increased agricultural sales between the two nations.

“The first-phase economic and trade agreement reached between the U.S. and China is a good thing for the U.S., China, and the entire world,” Xi said. “Both the U.S. and Chinese markets and the world have responded very positively to this. The U.S. is willing to maintain close communication with China and strive to sign and implement it as soon as possible.”