Water Taxi Explosion Injures 60 In Bangkok

March 7, 2016 – At least 60 people have been injured in Thai capital Bangkok after an engine exploded on a water taxi.

The water taxi was pulling into Wat Thep Leela river pier in eastern Bangkok when the explosion occurred with most people sustaining minor burns, police said.

Two passengers were reportedly seriously injured by flying debris. Early investigations suggest a fuel leak was to blame.

Three foreign nationals were among the injured including a Japanese tourist, the Erawan medical emergency centre said.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has called for the suspension of services by the operator Family Transport Co until investigations are complete, according to reports.

Chavalit Metayaprapas, managing director of Family Transport Co, said the company would no longer use gas-powered boats.

Water taxis are a popular mode of transport in congested central Bangkok and carry up to 100,000 commuters and tourists a day.


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