Shinzo Abe Pushes For Female Empowerment At Conference

August 28, 2015 – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe today kicked off an international conference to discuss women’s issues in Tokyo.

The “World Assembly for Women” will touch on topics ranging from empowering women in the workplace to education and sanitation.

The two day conference has gathered 150 speakers from around 50 countries and regions and 7 international organizations.

Since sweeping to power in late 2012 on a ticket to kickstart Japan’s flagging economy, Abe has vowed to push for women to get more senior roles in politics and business as one of the pillars of his Abenomics growth blitz.

“Abenomics is ‘Womenomics’,” Abe told the forum. “True reform will not come about unless we have more women becoming leaders in their organisations, in addition to changes in men’s consciousness.

“I have for the past two-and-a-half years been consistent with supporting women’s empowerment. One million women have just joined the workforce. Women managers have increased by 30 per cent. My wishes are not limited to my country.”

In his opening speech, Abe laid out his plan to empower Japanese women. He said from April 2016, women should make up 30 per cent of all civil servants, and 34 per cent of them should be future managers.

Earlier this week, he approved a bill to get companies with more than 300 employees to set real targets for employing and promoting women. If successful, his efforts will boost the number of women in Japan’s labour force, which now lags behind that of other developed countries.


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