Taiwan Confirms First Case Of Brucellosis In 4 Years

August 27, 2015 – Taiwan today reported its first case of Brucellosis since 2011, saying that the patient, a 35-year-old caregiver from Indonesia, is believed to have contracted the bacterial disease abroad.

The woman was hospitalized on August 3 after she developed a fever and backache, and was diagnosed with Brucellosis, a bacterial infection usually transmitted from animals to people, most often via unpasteurized dairy products, according to Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

None of the people whom the woman came in contact have shown signs of the disease, the CDC said.

CDC Deputy Director Chuang Jen-Hsiang said it is believed to be an imported case since the chances of contracting the disease in Taiwan are very low.

Taiwan last reported Brucellosis in 2011, when five imported cases from Africa, Southeast Asia and China were recorded.

The CDC has warned that travelers to those areas should avoid drinking unpasteurized milk, eating uncooked meat or coming into close contact with animals.

The symptoms of Brucellosis include rising and falling fevers, sweating, and joint and muscle pain.


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