Bangkok Ladyboys Heading For Dundee

June 30, 2015 – The Ladyboys of Bangkok will return to Dundee this week, despite concerns they may be a little “racy”.

It wasn’t, however, the lavish costumes and promised “blazing hot” performances that were the issue for the Friends of Baxter Park.

Instead, it was the speed of the Thai stars’ support vehicles as they arrive and then operate on the public park that set pulses racing.

Their last-minute objection was the cause of a few palpitations, with tickets already on sale and set-up well under way.

Thankfully, event manager Neville Wilson was only too happy to offer assurances that vehicles would be restricted to just 5mph as they make their way around the park.

And as a result, councillors were only too happy to decree that the “Beauties and the Beats” show must go on.

It’s now 17 years since The Lady Boys of Bangkok show first set foot on UK shores and it has become one of the country’s most popular touring productions.

The offering of comedy, songs, dancing and more than 200 specially designed and lavish costumes has proved a hit with a diverse audience.

The latest spectacular opens at Baxter Park on Friday following hot on the heels of a hugely successful first outdoor show in 2014.

Mr Wilson said “It’s a tongue-in-cheek spectacular, with a real sense of occasion and plenty more besides including the chance to try some fine Thai food.”

The show will be at the Sabai Pavilion in Baxter Park from Friday until Saturday July 11.