New Weather Stations To Be Set Up In Six Places Of Ilam

June 17, 2015 – The Practical Action, South Asia Regional Office is to set up weather stations in various six places in Ilam with an objective to assist authorities concerned in preparedness for the natural disasters.

The stations will be installed at Raanke, Jitpur, Maipokhari, Ilam, Kanyam and Soktim in the district, according to Practical Action’s official Krishna Basaula.

These stations will provide pre-information on weather and rain, which will help in preparedness for flood and landslide among others natural disasters, shared Basaula.

In Kanyam, Ilam and Soktim, preparations were intensified to construct the station in the tea estate within four days. “The tea estates here have allowed us set up the weather stations within their premises, hence we are accelerating the construction,” he said.

Locals here are also learnt to be contributing to this initiative. Bikram Chemjong, a local, has agreed to provide land for the weather station within his land at Raanke.

Similarly, Nim Dorje Sherpa of Maipokhari has donated his land for the same. The Jitpur VDC is to provide land to set up weather station in the VDC.

According to Rajiv Jha, meteorologist at Regional Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Dharan, they were going to set up new weather stations in new places in Ilam district as the older ones were in dilapidated state.


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