Hong Kong Authorities Urge Protesters To Move To Parks

October 14, 2014 – In a statement issued on the official Chief Executive website earlier today, Hong Kong authorities urged Occupy Central protesters to stop obstructing traffic and move their protests to public parks.

“The protesters have taken over Hong Kong’s main thoroughfares for 17 days, causing serious traffic jams and inconveniencing those going to work and school,” said the statement. “The earnings of transport and logistics companies and the businesses within the occupied areas have all been affected.

“The government, police, and other affected parties have treated the protesters with the greatest tolerance, allowing them to fully express their demands. But the obstructed roads’ impact on citizens’ daily lives cannot continue indefinitely.”

The police have started to clear away some of the existing barricades to improve traffic flow, and will continue to do so, the statement read. It urged the protesters to gather in public parks if they wished to continue their rallies. Some venues suggested by authorities: Tamar Park, Central and Western District Promenade, Victoria Park, and Macpherson Playground.


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