Survey Suggests New Zealanders Feel Closer To Asians

April 13, 2012 – The Asia- New Zealand Foundation released the results from its new survey on Friday which suggested that residents of New Zealand harbor increasing feelings of ‘warmth’ in relation to the Asian people.

Survey Suggests New Zealanders Feel Closer To Asians

The survey, entitled ‘Perceptions of Asia’ is released annually and the foundations most recent one which was conducted during 2011, showed that 83% considered Asia to be ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to the future of their nation, which is the highest result that has been seen during the last ten years.

The survey also suggested that New Zealanders felt closer to their Asian counterparts.

The foundation released a statement saying that the Rugby World Cup that was held in New Zealand last year had helped to create positive attitudes and the earthquakes that had occurred in New Zealand and Japan has resulted in mutual feelings of both sympathy and empathy.

93% of participants in the survey agreed that both exports to Asia and Asian tourism in their country would have positive implications for the New Zealand economy in the coming years.

The report also showed that residents of New Zealand had increasingly positive attitudes towards matters such as the culture and traditions of Asia, importation of Asian goods and immigration.

Phillip Burdon, the Chairman of the foundation said the report that has been carried out for the last fifteen years had showed an consistent increase in New Zealanders recognizing the importance of Asia to their own nation.

Burdon said “It’s heartening the survey shows four out of five New Zealanders agree that Asian immigrants contribute significantly to this country, and bring a valuable cultural diversity”.

He added that “But there are clearly still challenges. More than half of those surveyed believe New Zealand needs to do more to prepare our young people to engage confidently with Asia”.

The Asia New Zealand Foundation is a public organization that wants to increase knowledge and understanding of Asia within the New Zealand population and was founded in 1994.


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